This summer, I've had the most wanderlust I've ever had in my entire life. I've had the greatest desire to go see new places and experience different things. Whether that be going to a different beach or even just a city away from my own. I have this want in my bones to just leave, to forget my responsibilities here and explore different, beautiful places in the world, even just in California. Being in my twenties and now being newly single has definitely ignited that want into a strong desire. 

My dream destination is to go to Italy. Why Italy? I can't explain it in any other way except that I am drawn to it. I want to go to every part of it and taste every food and wine that I can. I want to listen to all the music and hear the beautiful language. I want to immerse myself in every bit of it's culture and it's people. 

Lately I've also wanted to go to Scotland. Scotland I feel more drawn to it for its castles and green scenery. But I've also wanted to go to Greece and Rome and Costa Rica. I've been feeling so stuck and as if I'm wasting all this precious time I have while I'm young on not seeing anything else other than Los Angeles. 

I follow this program called EF College Break on Facebook. It's a program that helps anyone between the ages of 18 to 28, no college necessary, travel around the world. They set up payment plans for you and help you with flights and hotels and everything that you need to travel to different countries. Around three months ago, I was looking at their website and thinking "when I'm done with college, I'll take a summer off from adulting and just travel with them." But now, I'm looking at their website and thinking "I can afford that and spend New Years over in Amsterdam or Paris." I've gotten so close to actually signing up for three different trips but pull back when reasoning kicks in. 

I have so much in my life that is keeping me rooted to my home. I would miss being in my comfort zone too much even if it was for two weeks. I think fear is really what's keeping my from committing to my wanderlust. If I travel, chances are I'll be traveling alone. Being alone with a bunch of strangers in an entirely unfamiliar country is unsettling. I feel as if one of these days I'm going to sign up for one of these trips and then back out for the fear of being alone. But I can't stop this desire in me. If anything it is only getting stronger.

I just wish I wasn't so afraid. 


Published by Sabrina Cardenas