"It's not that I am afraid of dying - I just don't want to be there when it happens." ~ Woody Allen.

Most of us fear death.

The great unknown.

We seek security in belief systems and religions that give us hope, comfort and some security knowing what will happen when we die.

Ultimately, we all die. None of us know for certain when that will happen.

I recently heard Matthew O'Reilly (TED talks 2014) who is a veteran emergency medical technician on Long Island, speak about what happens when a patient asks him if they are going to die.

He speaks of common responses across religions and cultures when there is nothing he can do to save a life and he gives an honest response.

When people become aware that they are dying they want forgiveness. They regret being selfish with time, they wish they had loved more deeply. They want to be remembered and they want to feel like they made an impact on the world.

Knowing that we are all going to die, what choices can we make today, knowing that these are the things that matter when the time comes?

Forgiveness, legacy, impact and love.

That's what really matters.

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Published by Kristy Hunt