What is fear?

A simple question that appearing in my mind this lately.
From my views, fear is something can't be described of growing or a black shadow with big coat covering your eyes to see the light of life.
But, everyone have their own definition of fear.
And yes, everyone have their own fear.
Even a president, a religion speaker, or superhero have this thing called fear.

What exactly fear is?

As a son, I fear of disappointment.
As a friend, I fear of loyalty.
As a lover, I fear of betrayal.
As a part of society, I fear of being judge.

People have their own character, have their voices and have their own colors to do something.
Creating something like a magic touch with their mind.
And that mind, could be broken by a single fear.
Fear of publicity.

Fear of publicity isn't like an idol being chased by a paparazzi.
But where, their weakness showed by people.
People pointing at their weaknesses and put it on the 'stage'.
A 'stage' where anyone can see and give their words to it.
That's how publicity working and it hurt so bad for the people who's got fear of these publicity.

The ever lasting publicity that no one could deny.
No one could help and shout it back.
The publicity that create an anxiety it self.
A social anxiety or even a phobia.

These 'fear of publicity' isn't permanent after all.
If one person could stand next to a person who's got 'publicity', 
Hold their hand, and walking together, it is possible to make it through.
There's no more fear.
The anxiety is gone.

People just afraid to holding another hand.
To help another people with a small little thing like passion, love and touch.
Just be brave and believe that you are not alone.
There's still so many people around you are just like you.
And there's people would hold your hand and standing together.

Published by Yoggi Lim