The subject of fear has been on my mind over the last few days. No, not a fear of spiders (although I really am not a fan) or heights or snakes and all those sorts of things.

But a fear of ONESELF.

It is really easy to imagine the things that you want in life, the things you would like to achieve, be, do but when it comes to actually getting those things why do we falter? I know this comment really is a bit of a generalisation, not everyone falters, but when it does happen I believe it comes from a place where our emotions are blocking our abilities.

I am fearful that my business venture won’t work out, or i’m fearful that i’m not good enough or worthy enough to achieve my dreams. I am worried about what everyone will think, i’m worried I may be judged… I think you get the picture.

At some point, to really grow, we must learn to get out of our own way. Therefore DECISION is the ultimate POWER here. In life we all need a bit of certainty, significance, love and connection but for our spiritual selves to truly be served we must also understand that we must GROW and contribute beyond ourselves.

Start to create your own psychological strength, have fun exploring the web inside your mind. What are your needs, beliefs, what do you believe you can give to others and when you find those things don’t be afraid – know that if you take even a small amount of action each day towards your dreams and goals, you are capable of anything.

I was sat in a business meeting today with my business partner (and also BFF) and one of our mentors and as we were discussing the venture we are launching in September he really started to hammer it home to us about how we are going to make money. And, I mean, he really went for it. I won't lie, as he went on I could feel the worry and fear creeping up in side and I know my business partner is feeling it too. From an outside point of view, especially from the view of people who don't know us, one might think that we aren't capable of launching our venture successfully, that we don't know enough about business and it is meetings like these that if you let it can really make you falter slightly. 

But this is exactly the point. Yes, sometimes I worry that I don't know how things will work out because no, I am not an MBA Graduate from Harvard. However, we have done the work to get this right, we trust ourselves to succeed, we know we are capable of greatness and we will spend every day working a little bit harder to take more steps towards our goals

As my business partner likes to say – sometimes you just have to jump off a cliff and build your plane on the way down. I am not a huge fan of heights so in my case she needs to shove me off on occasion, but hey, that’s what friends are for!

And you know what? Maybe we will fail. But failure is the best way to learn and improve and if you make your way through your life without ever failing, then you haven't lived at all. 

Anyway, I know it is easy to talk about fear and what you SHOULD be doing. Please know that i’m on the journey too. It takes hard work but I truly believe the results are worth it. I’ll leave you with a little affirmation list :


  1. You are worthy
  2. Your past is behind you
  3. Trust that the universe has your back
  4. Decision is the ultimate power
  5. Always acknowledge and be grateful for what you have RIGHT NOW


Published by Charley Willow