Planning a kayaking trip with your family members or friends are always interesting. You can go in beautiful lakes, slow moving rivers, and estuaries where can see the beauty of nature. In the market, you will not get kayak that has enough space for more than two persons. That's why manufacturer of Coleman kayak and others several manufacturers decided to make this type product where three or more people easily can seat to enjoy kayaking simultaneously. This Coleman Big Basin kayak has some special features that we listed below.

Features Of  Coleman Big Basin 3 Person Kayak

Design:  Coleman Big Basin is designed smartly for three persons. The seat is attached to each other. It has enough spacing room for everyone so that no one feels legs cramped at the time of faster speed. Comfortable seating will make easy paddling and faster movement.  It also has cargo compartments. In this compartment, you can keep your equipment s like gears, supplies, etc.

Large size: It is a large size kayak and the dimension of the kayak is 12 feet 3 inch by 3 feet 1 inch. its weight is only 34 pounds. It can comfortably accommodate 490 lbs weight.  This kayak is NMMA certified.

Construction material: Sturdy PVC and tarpaulin bottom are used in this material. PVC is used in side and tarpaulin is used in the bottom. PVC secure you that it can rugged enough to use in the lake and tarpaulin ensure you that you can edge in close to the shore.

Multiple Air Chamber: Multiple air chamber makes this kayak special. If one chamber is damaged accidentally, you have nothing to worry. Easily you can use another chamber. Before start kayaking check that the kayak is perfectly inflated and use pressure so that it can perform the better function if it is full of people and things.

Easy Setup: Boston valves are attached with this product. It ensures you that this kayak is puncture resistant around the valves. Boston valves help to inflate and deflate within 10 minutes only. It ensures an airtight system that means the air will not come out when the inflation device removed.

Easy To Use: If you think that it will be difficult to use it, then you are completely wrong. The design of this kayak is unique. Even you are three people you can easily manage it. The seats of the kayak are adjustable so you can simply enough to use it in all situation yet you have one, two or three persons on board.

Portability: This product is very easy to carry. Firstly you don't need any extra vehicles for move it from one place to another even it has a larger size.  Secondly, It doesn't need big storage space. You can keep it in the bag. So whenever you want you can take a enjoy it.  This is special reason comparatively others tandem or solo kayak.

Final Words: Choosing best kayak is always hard and everyone wants to show that he has a better choice than others. Purchase a Coleman Big Basin and surprise your family or friends by taking them for kayaking. We listed all necessary feature above to help you in this issue.

Published by Joseph Nicholls