Hyperbaric oxygen treatment helps the patient to inhale 100% oxygen with the natural healing process.  The patient is treated in a body chamber where they are exposed to the controlled atmospheric pressure in order to treat them. With the medical advancement, this treatment has been repeatedly used for treating many patients. It is being used in the medical care plan for the patients suffering from different issues. There are different chambers for treatment where oxygen is provided for a set period.

The main aim is to increase the functions of the blood cells with an increased supply of oxygen in the body. When the oxygen gets dissolved with other fluids of the body, various systems like the central nervous system gets enhanced. Under the hyperbaric oxygen treatment Mississauga, the circulation of blood to all the parts of the body especially the blocked or diminished part is carried out easily. You can know more about us and the treatment at our clinic by searching online.

Various features to be considered while selecting the chamber for hyperbaric oxygen treatment are mentioned below.

  1. Type of therapy in the hyperbaric chamber:

You have to give preference to the structural design of the hyperbaric chamber in order to be able to absorb the available oxygen. The physician will be a good guide in helping you with the planning process. He will be familiar with the medical history and will inform you whether you should go for the hard-side or soft-side of the chamber. Your body should be able to cope up with the atmospheric pressure inside the chamber as it is increased beyond the normal air pressure. In the mild hyperbaric oxygen treatment Mississauga, the oxygen in concentrated so that it can be breathable by the user. Collect the necessary information and accordingly visit the clinic which offers the type of therapy that is beneficial to you or your loved one.

  1. Horizontal or vertical design of the chamber:

The design of the chamber depends on the user’s preference. They are left with two options to select. One is upright and the other is the prone design to be selected while selecting a chamber. If you are a person who finds it difficult to lay down in the chamber for the treatment, you should not go for the horizontal design. Such claustrophobia patients have to go for the vertical design of the chamber. In the vertical one, you can experience the flow of oxygen by sitting upright during the treatment. The added advantage in an upright chamber is that the user can even have a chair placed inside the chamber where they can easily use their electronic device for the time spent inside for treatment.

  1. The level of oxygen in the hyperbaric oxygen tank:

The oxygen concentrators have proved to be an added feature of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. It will add up to the advantages that you get from the treatment. As you only inhale 20% of the oxygen through normal breathing, the hyperbaric oxygen treatment Mississauga helps in increasing this level.

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