Deciding what kind of printer to buy can be a bit daunting. The most important feature to consider when buying a printer is its cost-effectiveness over its lifetime. For those that need to only print a couple of pages a week, inkjet cartridges will be a good choice in terms of cost-effectiveness.

While inkjet printers utilise tiny dots to print laser printers use heat to fuse the ink on a page. In terms of economy, the start-up cost for an inkjet is more economical. While inkjet printers are suitable for those with limited printing needs, laser printer cartridges are great for bulk printing. However, laser printers have a higher start-up cost. Those that need to print hundreds of pages every week will find laser printers better suited to their needs.

A relatively new addition to the printer market is supertank printers, which are similar to an inkjet printer. Their inkwells are refillable and cheaper than laser cartridges that need replacement when finished. A single bottle will print around 4,000 sheets, which is considerably cheaper and great for printing in bulk.

Features to look for

As with the purchase of any other technological gadget deciding to choose a printer is also a bit daunting. There are so many brands and companies to choose from it can be difficult to make a selection. Printers also have reliability issues, while being expensive. They also take time to fix in case of a breakdown and their cartridges can be expensive. Selecting a top quality printer can be tricky. If you opt for a cheap printer the quality of prints will be poor with streaky images, plus there is the risk of technical issues and also greater ink consumption.

The key features to look for in a printer are:

Speed: If you need to do plenty of printing daily, the number of sheets the printer can print in a minute.

Capacity: It should be able to store a large number of sheets so that you do not have to add paper every little while.

Price of cartridge: While original cartridges are expensive to replace, the fact is you will only get the best print quality when you use the original printer’s cartridges.

Connectivity: This is subject to choosing a wired or wireless printer. The latter is definitely more versatile especially if using a laptop to prints. However, many printers have reported to have connectivity issues.

Canon has earned a reputation for manufacturing some of the highest quality of printers. Among the many models, the Canon Pixma IP7270 is the best home and home-office printer. It offers excellent print speed and print quality for both photos and text. The cost of ink is reasonable and it offers the best in its class colour quality for photos. The driver needed to handle all the virtual printing functions is available free to download at Canon on soft famous. Whatever your kind of printing needs, this is one of the best inkjet printers to invest in.

Published by Mary Charli