I've got a holiday now, one week. This week I applied for this summer school thing called a leadership conference thing, I honestly have no fucking clue but it looked cool. I checked the price and balked, £2000, I was not going to make my parents pay that no matter how cool it looked. Afterwards I had a thought that why don't I pay for it myself? I've set this goal of making £10,000 this year and honestly I need a kick in my arse, so I send in the application and now it begins. 

For some reason I had wanted to turn off my hand spinner business but I've turned that back on. That's bringing in around £20 a day for minimal effort, it's good but I could improve it somehow. I want to make a new etsy or something though. I just need to find something I like, for example I tried starting out with an incense business which is an okay deal just something I couldn't give less of a fuck about, I need to find something I enjoy so I have enough motivation. Honestly motivation shouldn't be a factor, just push through bitch but right now my will power is pretty damn low, I'm bringing it back through cold showers and everything but it's going to be a slow climb. 

The next few days will be research before I'm ready to bring it all to life, or perhaps I'll find something I like instantly, who knows - who cares. 

I think I'll finish here, this post is just to say that I'm ready to put in the work - or that at leat I need to. 

Published by Kevin Li