Food the very thought of which excites me, is way beyond a basic need for one’s existence. It is a form of expression, reflection of cultures, results of various historic moves (from the cave men’s times) and of course a language in itself. The ritual of cooking is surely a form of art that can be practiced to perfection or spiced up with a dash of innovation. The various food presentations competitions, never ending cookery shows, growth of the cooking profession are proof enough.

I’ve not only connected to food as a gourmand but also have taken advantage of its easy access when I had the urge of being occupied (by doing something, say eating). I am certainly not a people’s person and regardless of my interest in socializing and having people around, I appreciate solitary. Having said that I also couldn’t express love as much in words, while I felt heaps of it within. Just when the reality struck, my hunt for interests and hobbies began. I wanted it to be entertaining and expressive. The Eureka moment came out of the very first bite I took of the grilled sandwich I had for dinner that night. There was an extra spicy taste that flavoured the sandwich unusually well and yes I could guess what it was as my taste buds just knew food too well. And that’s how my interest for food tasting, cooking and dream of travelling for the love of food aka culinary travel began.

In all this, I’ve learnt that cooking with all the love in one’s heart not only makes food delicious but also the diner happy.

Now to talk about my love for food, I’d sincerely agree that it is a guilty pleasure and an addiction that always leaves me wanting for more. Teasing my taste buds with new cuisines or delicacies all by myself were experiences I’d look forward to at least 5 times a week. I couldn’t agree more to the famous saying of Geroge Bernad Shaw that “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”

What’s funny is that one’s appreciation for food could be perceived as greediness but who cares until your belly is happy. Burp!

Watch out for my space for some steamy food affair stories and some delectable food reviews coming shortly.

Published by Sajda Lathif