Over the course of a week a lot can happen. Esp. when it comes to family matters. A week before thanksgiving there was an altercation that had a lot to do with food; and the undercutting of family members. Not to put too much of my families’ personal business out there; this attack was against my side of the family.

And my mom had invited the other side of the family whom came against us to our thanksgiving dinner. The flesh of me wanted no parts of them here. But I couldn’t argue with my mother. Once every one arrived it was a great time; no one thought about the problem that once occurred shorter than a week ago. As if it never happened.

Normally we hardly had enough to cook; as well as any leftovers once haven invited the family over for dinner. Everyone usually takes seconds home. But this time around we had over enough food left; to almost feed a whole village (exaggeration). The reason for sharing this with you is that in the mist of the bad. My Mother still teaches us to do well, Just as Lord Jesus Does. And that when God makes a way, you will have more than enough.

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews