More than just a neo-vegan cafe, this healthy resto now aims to make their diners feel good. Opening their reinvented restaurant at UP Town Center, time to check out this feel good kitchen.

Staying true to their white and green colors, I liked how clean and bright this place looked. There were a few cute details such as that happy moments wall that give it this casual vibe. This is perfect for those chill after school hangouts or after working out at the gym.

For their dishes, you can either have it “cold & fresh” or “hot & savory”. When you look at their menu, it might seem that it’s few but you could do multiple combinations. For their “cold & fresh”, you can have it either as a salad or as a wrap. And for their “hot & savory”, you can have it as a panini, with rice or as a pasta dish. I love how you can customize your meal to whatever level of hunger you have that day. If you’re confused as to what you want, their feel good specialists are always at bay to assist you. Talk about feeling good and eating good! Oh, and 1% of their proceeds goes to Centex which is a non-profit organization that provides quality education for disadvantaged families. Yeah, dining here will definitely make your heart feel good too. Now, let’s get on to the food.:-)

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Published by The Hungry Employee