During the 'Fellowship with Jesus' series we will look at how we can develop a friendship with God through reading the Bible. 

The Bible is full of many accounts of the life of Jesus. We can read about how he lived, talked, behaved and connected with the people He came across. 

In John 12:1-7 we can see how Jesus behaved with a few friends at Marta's house before His death. Here we see Judas comment on Marta cleansing Jesus' feet with an expensive oil. Marta used some good quality oil to wash Jesus' feet. Judas questioned why Marta didn't sell the oil, and give the money to the poor (John 12:5)- which some may argue was a reasonable question? However, Judas didn't do this because he cared about the poor, he said this because he embezzled the money and of course wanted to find ways to increase the money in the pot, so he could take more from it (John 12:6). 

Jesus knew exactly what Judas was planning, in terms of being the one to portray Him and He also knew what he was doing with the money and why he commented on the oil to Marta. How many of us would have given Judas a piece of our minds? Judas was clearly trying to bring about a conflict and divide within the group- some people could have joined him and said "yhh, why are we using the oil for him and not the poor" others would disagree and then there would be a divided camp. I would have made sure Judas knew he'd have to try harder to bring me down! but Jesus didn't- you have to love this about Him! 

Jesus did not react based on what he knew -

But he responded based on what was appropriate for the time and place

We as people, aren't great at the whole responding instead of reacting thing but the more time we spend learning about Jesus, in fellowship with Him, we can learn so much more about how we can handle situations of the like when they arise. Reading His word and asking God to speak to us while we read, will help us to see beyond the words on the page but help us to see the context in which the words are written. 

My Dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, 

James 1:19

Published by Tolu Ajayi