The idea that a woman leader would benefit women is not only false but highly destructive. 

With Theresa May set to be Prime Minister and Hillary Clinton as the hopeful first female US President, white feminists seem to be so excited about this new amazing time where women are 'on top.' However, this is not the women-power victory you might all be imagining. 

Theresa May has done basically the opposite to helping and protecting women, she helped cover up Yarl's Wood, she has always voted against the LGBT community, and has failed to protect women in this community. For example Theresa May's Home Office deemed a women "not lesbian enough" after she came to court wearing lipstick and Aderonke Apta (who was facing the death penalty) was also seen as "not lesbian enough" despite being made to submit a sex tape with her girlfriend. All in all humiliating for vulnerable women. 

May has wrongly deported international students and has voted/ not voted in bills which tories put forward which have been devastating for women such as cutting rape counselling and shutting down shelters for abused women. The conservative party and austerity has had a horrifying impact on women and has in turn widened the gender equality gap even more. The Fawcett Society led an independent inquiry which discovered that of the £26 billion in changes to taxes and benefits by the Conservative Party in 2010, £22 billion will be borne by women and £4 billion by men, tax changes such as decreasing income support and child benefits which would effect lone parents - and 92% of single parents are female. If you need more information on this visit 

Although Hilary Clinton doesn't have to deal with constantly being compared to Margaret Thatcher, she has still done very little to actually help women. A victim of rape said that Clinton put her through hell after she defended the rapist. She has been known to avoid giving any answer on her support with abortions and she has accepted money from countries which notoriously oppress women, Senator Rand Paul said: “In countries that stone people to death for adultery and imprison people for adultery, this is the kind of thing you would think someone for women’s rights would be standing up against, instead of accepting thinly veiled bribes."

Admitting that a female leader wouldn't be good for females would not be betraying your gender. When male politicians such as Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders are doing more to help women but you prefer female politicians because you're a feminist then I hate to break it to you, but you really are defeating the point of feminism. I'm sure May and Clinton will look after you if you're a straight, white, middle or upper class able woman, they'll just destroy everybody else in the process. 



Published by Katie Anderton