Fidelity come from the Latin word for faithful and is defined as faithfulness to a person, cause or belief.  It’s something many would say we have, but do we?

    Evidently, there used to be a TV show called “Sex in the City”.  It had four ‘heroines’ and ran for seven seasons.  According to the ‘New York Daily News’, during that seven year run, those ‘heroines’ had 95 sexual partners.  It’s no wonder we have people entering their adult years who have a skewed view of love, relationships and marriage.  With this as the example we put before them to study, they can only come up with an unhealthy view of fidelity.

    Unfortunately, many carry this image over into their spiritual life.  As some will wander from relationship to relationship in life, they do the same thing in their spiritual relationship with God.  Their love wanders from God to other things.  In Exodus 34:14, God instructs us “For thou shalt worship no other god.”(KJV)  Too many worship the One True God, but then wander off to other gods and other things that steal the love that is intended for Him.  This is not what God wants.  He wants us to stay true to Him.

Published by Ray Richards