The other day I took my car to the gas station to fill it with gas and I did something that I always do, but it was something that spoke to me about my life.  I held the nozzle until it clicked off letting me know that the tank was full.  But then I waited a few seconds and I squeezed the nozzle again to get a bit more gas in the tank.  If the price is low, or I’m going on a long trip I might go through this procedure a number of times to make sure I get as much as possible into the tank.

    In Ephesians 5:18, we are admonished to be “be filled with the Spirit.” (KJV)  One meaning of this word fill is to cram in every last bit possible.  That is what God wants for us and also what we should want for ourselves.  Our desire should be to get every possible ounce of the Spirit of God crammed into our being.  He should be pushed into us until there is no more room, and then pushed a bit more.

    We should be like a suitcase ready for a long trip.  You know the kind, when you have to sit on it to get it closed.  That’s how filled we need to be with the Spirit of God.

Published by Ray Richards