If you’re unfamiliar with Tomi Lahren…..consider yourself lucky.

She’s a 24 year old conservative political commentator most known for her “Final Thoughts” segment on TheBlaze.

I can’t stand this woman.

I’m going to be honest, she is the epitome of a privileged white person who “doesn’t get” anything that doesn’t apply to her directly.

Her biggest flaw might be the fact that she’s incredibly hypocritical. She always says that people shouldn’t remark on certain topics unless they have the facts, but she does the exact opposite ALL THE TIME!

For example, she insists on referring to the Black Panthers as “the black KKK” and to Black Lives Matter as “the new KKK.” For anyone who doesn’t know, the Black Panthers were a militant self-defense group that was started in response to police brutality  in 1966 (Yes, militant. But only in self defense). Similarly, Black Lives Matter was a group created in response to police brutality and the murders of black people (particularly black men). Both of these groups were created as a response and do not, in any way, compare to the KKK. An important fact that she conveniently fails to mention is that the KKK is a hate group that targets and kills black people for the hell of it. How many people have died at the hands of the KKK? About 3,500. How many have died at the hands of BLM? None. And no, the people responsible for the deaths of 5 Dallas police officers were not backed by BLM. Just because they say that they supported the movement, doesn’t mean that the movement supported their actions. It is possible that the Black Panthers did kill some people, but they only acted in self defense and never opened fire first. It’s also important to know that the Black Panthers were dissolved as a group in 1982 while the KKK is still legal. But Tomi here doesn’t believe in the “theory” of systematic oppression.

She’s made it clear that she really hates Colin Kaepernick and doesn’t agree with anything that he stands for. I can’t help but find that ironic. She says she doesn’t agree with riots, and that peaceful protests are the way to go. Is Colin sitting down during the National Anthem not peaceful? Not to mention that the song itself talks about the death of slaves. Oh yes, that is a fact. Verse three says:

“No refuge could save the hireling or slave, from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave.”

In response to Colin’s recap of the first presidential debate, she made a few statements that show how much she likes to ignore details that don’t fit her narrative. Colin said something about how some minorities are afraid of police officers and with good reason. She responds by starting with the statement, “Let’s talk about your inner cities” Yes, some minorities live in inner city communities, but the majority DO NOT. Inner cities (aka poor communities) are not synonymous with African American communities but please, keep perpetuating that stereotype while simultaneously ignoring that housing segregation was a thing. Then she goes on to say that police officers are afraid to enter those neighborhoods because, “the only choice a police officer has is shoot or be shot.” Well the problem with that Tomi, is that our outrage is over the innocent unarmed men that were killed. So if a police officer is going to be shot doesn’t the target have to be armed??? But once again, go ahead and support the stereotypes.

And it’s not just people of color that she seems to have an issue with, but feminists and the LGBTQIA+ community as well. She says that modern day feminism isn’t about equality and that we’re bitter while watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Then she tweeted this:

“Modern day feminism isn’t about equality, Lena. It’s about man-bashing & free birth control.”

Let’s start with the tweet, she addressing Lena Dunham, who ISN’T A FEMINIST. She is the exact reason that so many women have feminist beliefs, but refuse to call themselves feminists. She sends the wrong message and is a terrible person. As far as the VS Fashion Show goes, I love watching it and I am a feminist. Women who body shame the angels ARE NOT FEMINIST. Body shaming is not supported by the feminist movement. And feminists can’t hate men, because the movement is about equality for all genders. That (by definition) must include men. I’ve never even heard the birth control thing, so I’m just gonna leave that one alone.

Tomi also accuses the LGBTQIA+ community of shoving their sexuality down peoples’ throats. She says she’s tired of hearing and seeing it on every song, sitcom and movie that she watches. Well….this is a little something called representation. Something that this community doesn’t get a lot of because people are too busy condemning them for “ruining” marriage and  whatever other bullshit excuse homophobic bigots use. She also complains that her right to free speech is limited by the words that community finds offensive. If people were saying and calling you things that you found offensive, you would want them to stop too, wouldn’t you Tomi?

It’s no surprise that she’s a Trump supporter, but she defended his comments on sexual assault by basically saying she’s not surprised that he said those things because he’s rich and famous. Great excuse, that explains it all.

Apparently it doesn’t take a lot to piss Tomi off. She gets worked up so easily and yells at the camera in almost every video, yet people applaud her for “speaking her mind” and being “passionate.” Let’s be honest; if she were a black woman, people would call her “angry” and “aggressive.” But Tomi Lahren is not the kind of person capable of recognizing their own privilege (although she constantly tries to call other people out on it) so that statement would probably go right over her head.

I’m having a really hard time thinking of something positive to say about this woman, but she’s given me no reason to care. She’s a hypocrite, she often tries to disguise racism as patriotism, and on more than a few occasions I have watched this woman launch personal attacks on people because she had nothing valid to say about the topic at hand.

If we are going to move forward as a country, we need less people like Tomi Lahren. Those are my final thoughts.

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Published by Rae Coleman