And our first stop for our half-day Ubud tour was lunch! Haha. With DIY itineraries, you really have the time to choose where to eat and what spots to check out. I heard how good the coffee was here that it’s simply a must-try in the area. It helped too that they offer sumptuous meals. After a couple of hours, we finally reached Seniman Coffee Studio.

There were plenty of seats at this studio. Though they have seating outside, the whole place was open yet it doesn’t feel hot inside. In case you want to fully relax here, I think their rocking chairs are the answer. Yeah, it was a little hard but one would get used to it. We were lucky enough to be seated at the bar where we got to witness their techniques in coffee making. Whether it be Chemex, Aeropress or a pour-over, they’ve got you covered. 😉

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