I have to say that in life we all go through challenges and sometimes in our own mind we get into situations/relationships that we think are the best thing for us and we sometimes let LOVE get in the way or at least what we think is LOVE and all because of the fact that a guy says "your cute" or "your sexy" or even to have someone say those three little words " I LOVE YOU" makes a woman/girl flutter all inside and become all giddy like a kid in a store of cake... Those things does not mean that this person will be the "best" for you.


In time we as women start to develop something called women's intuition and it is a gut feeling that we as women are born with. When a man starts to put his hands on you, when a man loses his job and can't help to support you, when a man starts to do drugs within your home, presence, or life, when a man can't financially support or take care of you (and your kids if any) it is time for you to ReEvaluate your life and the circumstances that you are in.


I am not avid bible reader but I do know that God is a God of Love and he did not send his son to die on the cross for us as women (and men) to be taken advantage of, lied to, be door mats for people who don't deserve our time more or less our love. I know that I have had my share of crazy relationships which is why I can speak on what I am speaking on and say what I am saying.


And I have stated the above to say this.... There is someone who I know who was in a not so great relationship/situation. She was being abused by the one she was with and it has been going on since I can remember and I am so glad to be here to say that she is and has left him. She packed up her things and moved back home to her family... It is not fun to be in a situation/relationship where you are not appreciated or shown any kind of love and is cursed out and called every name under the sun but your birth name. I prayed for her everyday and her kids and I am so glad to know and have seen that she is now FED UP and ready to move out and move on... Prayer does change things when you are praying for something positive.



There are others that I pray will one day wake up and realize that the men they are with are not the men they should be with for relationships should not cause stress, pain, or heartache. Love should not cause you to disrespect your family and neglect your loved ones and/or kids (if any) love should always be joyful and unconditional. There will be ups and downs within any relationship but one should NEVER go to bed MAD..

Published by Life of a Unique Woman