It seems as though I cannot get on any forms of social media without seeing a post, meme, or any other idiotic-type of influence on relationships. Most of them tend to lean toward "find a man who shows you off on Snapchat" or, "if your man isn't posting about you on social media then you're the side chick." What?? LOL I just can't piece all of this together and I can't believe people are sharing this nonsense everyday. To put these expectations on relationships only causes a strain, and I am so glad my boyfriend does not need to make a post about me just to prove he loves me. If you need that validation in the relationship then maybe you deserve better, honestly.

These posts put an expectation on how our relationships "should" or "shouldn't" be and it is so toxic. One post of Facebook I saw today stated, "Find a man who's gonna go inside Sephora with you and help you find a lip color that looks good on you rather than a man who stands outside."....if only you could see my face when I read this. First, yes...Jacob would easily go inside Sephora and be bombarded by twenty different lip colors, but do I expect him to do that? Hell naw!! I am PERFECTLY happy with him tinkering with shit in Dunham's while I stare at five different types of mascara. Social media has a way of influencing us into thinking we should be acting a certain way or that we are handling life wrong.

Here's a new one for ya: Find a man who loves you for all you are, and doesn't have to post about it for validation.

Published by Megan Kapple