A pond pump is a crucial component in any water feature. If you do not have a pond pump, then the water will remain stagnant. This brings about mosquitoes and other pests to breed. Choosing the right pond pump is important. If you choose the wrong one, you might not achieve the desired water flow. Again, you might get an insufficient flow to the filter. So, make sure you pick the right pond pump that suits your requirements.

Pondmaster Pumps

In regards to picking the right pond pumps, we cannot forget to mention Pondmaster. Pond master pumps can either be magnetically driven or proline Hy-drive pumps. The magnetic pumps operate continuously, they are low in energy and don't have seals to wear out. These pumps have epoxy, not oil. You can get the magnetic pumps for waterfalls, medium bio-filters, and power statuary fountains. The pumps can either be submerged or run inline.

On the other hand, Hy-drive pumps combine direct drive and magnetic drive to offer you with energy efficiency. They feature a cage with a built-in carry handle and debris screen. You can set the pump either in a horizontal or vertical position. As compared to the mag drive, the Hy-drive pumps are efficient, quiet and require low maintenance.

Features of Pondmaster pumps

There is a wide range of pondmaster water pumps. The pumps work well and they are designed with built-in variable flow control. This makes them ideal for small to medium sized ponds, aquarium, and statuary. The runs operate smoothly and they do not interfere with the serenity of your home aquarium. Some of the features that you should check when choosing a pondmaster filter include:

  • Intake pre-filter
  • Energy efficient magnetic drive
  • Variable flow control
  • Warranty
  • Fittings included

Types of pond and aquarium pumps available

Generally, pond pumps can either be external or submersible. Having a submersible pond pump is economical because you can place it in your pond with minimal installation. The pumps are perfect for smaller ponds they do not have distracting noise.

Traditionally, having a submersible pond pump was a disadvantage because there were high chances or rapturing and releasing the oil coolant in the water. Today, we have more advanced pondmaster pumps that are driven by magnets so they do not require a coolant.

Magnetic driven pumps are pricey but in the long run, they consume less power, run silently and they are more reliable for long-term use as compared to the direct pond driven pumps.

Final Words

Whether you have an aquarium or a pond, choosing the right pump is important in order to keep the water moving. There are many types of pumps out there but not all are designed to offer the best performance. You can try using pondmaster water pumps. Their line of products are durable and they can be used well in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The pumps are also rugged, economical and they have been tested for quality performance.

Published by Taslima Akter