There was a time when masters in creativity controlled the subject of art.  The creative people in this world always mesmerized the people with their art.  Well, art is not just drawing or painting, it is the expressing of your emotions through art, and this is the real talent. Well, to be frank, not all are masters of everything but learning things has no boundary as long as you get the required materials. Every art needs a different set of material.  For instance, for making flowers, you can do it with paper, wax, clay, stocking cloth etc.  So, it is very important to decide what art you want to create.   Well now let us discuss what exactly you require to make an art piece related to a drawing.

Art materials used in a drawing:

  • Paper: There are many varieties of papers available in the market.  It depends on your choice what you exactly what to do.  If you want to draw and then coloring it with watercolors, then a suitable drawing paper should be used.  For instance, a watercolor paper suits better for drawings with pens and watercolors.  Some of the other papers available are handmade papers, colored papers, metallic papers, printmaking papers etc.


  • Pencil: Pencil is the most common art material used irrespective of any art. Normally pencil is used to draw a rough drawing and can be easily erased with an eraser in case of a mistake.  But when a pen is used this is not possible.  Only when you find that your drawing is fine, only then make use of markers or micron pens to highlight your drawing or sketch.


  • Eraser: Whenever any pencil is used, the usage of an eraser is compulsory.  It is very helpful in case of any mistakes as it erases the mistakes and you have the facility to correct your mistakes when you draw using a pencil first.


  • Scale: Normally used when any measurements have to be taken.


  • Pens: Have you ever experienced fun in drawing using a pen?  It is really fun and worth trying because the bold effect it creates is very impressive.  Normally pens are of various types like fountain pens, graphic pens, drafting pens, ballpoint pens, micron pens, etc. and are used most frequently for writing purposes regularly. The only difference between these pens is the nib size.  The smaller or pointed the nib, the thinner the effect of the line or the curve in the drawing or matter written. Many of them experience that some pens blot or the flow of the ink in these pens do not suit the purpose of drawing.  This is because, in a drawing when a pen is used, the flow of ink should be very smooth and should be assistive to the artist by not creating any sort of problem while drawing.


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How can a micron pen help an artist in his work?

So, an artist will be happy working with pens like micron pens which of various sizes of nibs suitable to create an artistic drawing.  Having the facility to write for a longer period and even after daily use, the pens are made in such a way that it keeps working continuously, of course till the ink is available in it. Even if the ink is over, there are archival inks available in the market in 0.5 oz. bottles which can be refilled into the micron pens. Archival inks are inks which give permanent effect on any surface.

Normally dye-based inks bleed a lot, and the effect varies on the type of paper.  But when a micron pen with archival ink is used, the effect remains the same, and it does not smudge even when used with watercolors. So, it is waterproof and fades proof even under sunlight or UV light.  Having the facility of drying quickly, many artists prefer micron pens especially for highlighting their artwork or drawing or sketch. If the ink is dried, it becomes permanent. Normally micron pens are available in black, red, blue-black, burgundy and rose colours.  You can make use of them according to your choice and preference.  And when you are using it for art purposes, the more colours available, the more good effect you can create.

Micron pens – Colour and ink flow

A micron pen even though has a small and thin nib; it is made in such a way that it can be used for daily use and bears any sort of pressure while writing. The flow of ink is so perfect that it flows in a right way and right quantity while writing.

There are many colours meant for art available in the markets such as markers, watercolors, oil pastels, oil paints, fabric paints etc.  If you have chosen to do a watercolor painting then, choose watercolors and highlight your drawing with a micron pen to create a special effect.  The combination goes very well.  So, try it up.

Apart from all these, a lit bit of patience and confidence to express your ideas is required to create something really good.

Published by Lucy Jones