So, you moved into your new house and it has been increasingly difficult for you to find shower screen providers and installers, do not fret because we have got you covered. Or maybe it just so happens that you need a new shower screen because your old one looks dingy. Whatever it is, you’d have come to realize that your bathroom needs a makeover and maybe ditching that old shower screen is the best way to start.

Useful Tips to Keep in Mind Before You Invest in a New Shower Screen

So, before you decide on buying a new shower screen for your bathroom here are some useful tips to keep in mind so that you get to choose the best one that absolutely goes with your style.

  • Consider Your Budget – This is an obvious point and most people tend to skip or miss out completely on it. Have a look at your personal budget and finance, how much you are willing to spend on a shower screen. You would not want to find yourself getting caught in a debt. Allotting yourself a budget and trying to stick to it is your safest bet.

  • Deciding on the Style – Now that you have decided on your budget, the fun part is looking through all the brochures and deciding the style you would like the best. You first need to decide about the framing of the shower screen. Framed, frameless and semi-frame are the three options that you will get, and you need to decide accordingly. There are also other eclectic choices like tinted glasses coupled with tiled walls etc. The choices are endless, what matters the most is your sense of style and comfortability.
  • Thinking About Future Proofing –You would also need to think about renovating the rest of your bathroom. Maybe you don’t want to renovate your bathroom completely or you just want to fix your old shower door. If you are planning to completely renovate it in near future, then you must also see that your shower screen matches with the other furnishings inside. You wouldn’t want to change the aesthetics of your bathroom time and again since it will become monotonous.
  • Measurements are Very Important –The point is self-explanatory, correct measurements are the key to having the perfect shower screen. You can never measure too much. You need to get the exact measurements from floor to ceiling depending upon how you want your style to be. The shower screen providers and installers will be the best at this job.
  • Take the Help of a professional –It is always best to take the help of a professional while installing a shower screen. It should really seem like a no-brainer since as layman we do tend to mess things up as there is lack of experience in the field. Therefore, it is best if you take the help of shower screen providers and installers who are proficient in their field.
  • Toughened Safety Glass – It’s important that when you make an investment then you must also choose the right shower enclosure. Buy one that has a thick glass and is not exactly prone to breaking or shattering. 
  • Seals – Make sure that your shower screen has all the locks and seals that are needed to keep the water inside. Water leaks can be very expensive and take a lot of time and effort to repair by the shower screen providers and installers.

These are a few tips that you can keep in mind while purchasing a new shower screen. In case you do have any doubts regarding this, talk to a professional or the shower screen providers and installers.

Published by Justin Jersey