Within success and happiness, there is also all the work and time that goes into it. All this work and ambition doesn’t just happen on it’s own though. It comes from our minds and sometimes, more often than not, needs a spark to ignite the fire that fuels our inner drive to get something done.


Everyone is different, so usually finding something to inspire us involves a little searching.


Maybe a change in scenery is needed. Try moving yourself to a coffee shop or the great outdoors if applicable. If the freedom of moving isn’t available to you, try redecorating. Put something inspiring on the wall or add any personal flare to the area.


Maybe getting a new job is what you need if the current situation doesn’t satisfy your happiness. That is an option. Of course you should make sure you are financially stable to do that, but it is definitely worth it.


If a change physically isn’t what you need, maybe a mental reconstruction is in order.


Buy a book that can inspire you to be productive and read that when you feel in a slump. Find blog posts(like mine) on the internet that will help get the productivity flowing.


Or just take a moment to think. Think about your goals and aspirations. How can you achieve them? What do you want to accomplish in this lifetime? How would you do that?


Just thinking about what makes you want to work toward something, can sometimes give a burst of motivation to actually do it.


Something that I find to work very well when I feel in a slump is listening to music(like I am now). Music has been proven to ease the mind and help people focus on the task at hand. Really any music is good to listen to, but I prefer listening to songs that give me a vibe I can’t really explain. I think we’ve all felt that before.


Eat food. It’s always harder to want to achieve greatness when the only thing on your mind is food. Take a break, eat something, and then get back to work because this is life and life waits for no one.


Try cleaning. I know how much a messy environment can affect one’s ability to fully function. Cleaning takes time that could be used working, but in the long run, you will be producing higher quality content in the time after, so it must be worth it, right?


Obviously, there are many other ways to ignite motivation, but these are some that have worked for me. Whatever it is that you are trying to get yourself to do, I know and you know deep within you, that you’ll get it done. So go and find your own state of productivity and inspiration.

Published by Jesse Meyer