Life isn’t easy. Problems are problems, no matter how big or small. Work can be hard, days can be long and just simple things like the commute to work can be stressful. We develop illnesses, aches, pains and we feel exhausted. Everyone needs an escape, that one thing that we can turn to when things are getting tough, and we need to turn off our minds and heal.

For me it’s words. I love to get lost in them. Whether it’s in the form of a book or actually writing, I find it’s my way of escaping. People who know me in day to day life see me as quite confident, outgoing and talkative but the reality is that behind that façade is a daily struggle. During my younger years I was bullied (both physically and verbally) and as you can imagine being told on a daily basis that I was ugly, that no one would ever like me or want to be my friend, had a real effect on me. Even now in my early 30’s I still have issues with wondering if people actually like me (I even ask my husband if he does) and I feel like I always hold a little of myself back and worry that if I try too hard then people will see the real me and hate it. When making phone calls I have to mentally prepare myself/prepare a script of what I need to say, stumbling over words breaks me out in a sweat and I end up saying something wrong.

But the written word moulds for me, I can say what I want in writing and don’t feel panicked, I can take my time and always seem to find the perfect words to use to explain what I’m thinking, how I’m feeling. Sometimes, both in the past and recently, I’ve been criticised for not wanting to do certain things like go on a noisy and expensive night out for drinks, much preferring to stay in with a book or do a spot of writing. I feel like I have to justify my actions but actually I shouldn’t have to and neither should you. People should respect differences, understand that everyone has their own way of escaping. For some people it’s having a drink and dancing to some good tunes, for some people it’s gaming…for me it’s words.

I tend to read books and then write reviews for them, sometimes I will write personal pieces about personal experiences (such as my struggle with anxiety and depression) but often I tend to write fanfiction. Perhaps I’ll tell you about it sometime, why I do it, what I love about it. But really I just want to let you know that you should relax, take some time, find what helps you escape the daily stresses and enjoy it!

Published by Georgina Lane