We’ve all got our little quirks, but when it comes to earbuds finding the right size, shape, weight, and form factor isn’t just a matter of taste. It’s essential that you select the right earbuds to do the job you’re out to get done. Our handy list covers the essentials to check before you make a big purchase.

Tips to Find the Best Bluetooth Earbuds for You

1.Use case

What will you be doing when you are listening to music? This very simple question often goes unanswered and can mean the difference between a great experience and a bad one. If you are jogging be sure to pick earbuds with secure, foam rubber ear tips or around ear clips to maintain tight fit and control. Also look for hands-free or touch controls to help you adjust volume, change tracks, and answer calls while on the move.

2. Sound Quality

The next most important feature to review when buying Bluetooth earbuds is the quality of the sound. While it can be tempting to go for unknown brand names at very cheap prices, the sound quality may end up causing you more harm that good. The best Bluetooth earbuds have deep bass and create crisp, elegant high notes. There should be no hissing or popping. Typically the speakers, often called drivers, are the component responsible for sound quality. Make sure you read reviews and do your homework!

3. Comfort

Will you be wearing Bluetooth earbuds for a short commute or a long study session? If you have sensitive ears, you may want to consider other options. Wearing Bluetooth earbuds for long periods of time can cause irritation in the outer ear. To avoid this problem make sure your new earbuds include a variety of soft, silicon or foam rubber ear tips in various sizes. If one size makes your ear uncomfortable, try a different size.


4. Long term durability

Bluetooth earbuds pack a lot of technology into a little package. But that can come with challenges over the long term. Small lithium-ion batteries can wear out over time. Bluetooth chipsets can also degrade if used too often or in hostile environments. This is another reminder to read reviews before making your purchase to ensure there are no short or long-term defects with your new product.

5. Waterproofing

Many new Bluetooth earbuds include a water-resistant coating. This coating can ensure sweat, humidity, and ambient moisture does not damage your device. In fact, this feature is becoming so common you should consider it a must-have! Make sure the device states it’s rating as IPX7 or better.

6. Battery life

Because Bluetooth earbuds have no wires, they must use tiny rechargeable batteries to power themselves. These batteries need to be recharged, and depending on the model you select it could be as often as every 4-5 hours. Many newer and more expensive Bluetooth earbuds feature a battery life of over 8 hours. Try to select the longest battery life in your price range to ensure a good experience.

7. Price

If you chronically lose or break your earbuds, you may not want the most expensive model. Conversely, if you are careful with your purchases and don’t plan on listening to music in high-stress environments you may want to opt for a more expensive model. In the end, if you are constantly worried about your Bluetooth earbuds, you aren’t really enjoying your music and activity.

Follow these tips to help you select the best Bluetooth earbuds that fit your needs. You’ll be more focused on the now instead of fidgeting with your earbuds. And of course what truly matters: The music!



Published by silv Watson