Rating: 5 Stars

It may have taken over a decade, but us 90's kids FINALLY got our sequel to Finding Nemo and it didn't disappoint! 

I remember when Finding Nemo came out and it was the equivalent of today's Frozen. I probably watched Finding Nemo 15-20 times and I walked around singing "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming." until my parents had been driven up the wall. 

When my friends and I went to see Finding Dory, we were definitely the only non-parental adults in the crowd, but that was okay with us. I think my friends and I even laughed more than the little kids sitting all around us. 

When Hank and Dory were flying through the aquarium in the baby stroller I couldn't contain my laughter. I loved how the movie stayed true to the humor and characters that were in Finding Nemo. The stories really do flow so well together. 

Not only is there humor in the movie, but there is also the touching and tear-jerking moment when you realize that Dory's parents have been trying to help her find her way home all these years. 

If you haven't seen Finding Dory yet, get your hind-end to the theater and watch it. And if you're too afraid to be the only non-parental adult, volunteer to take a friend's or relative's kid to see the movie. 

Published by Bewitched Reader