Three weeks ago my son left me. We hugged, we cried, I prayed and he got in his taxi and left.  He wasn’t going to outer Mongolia for 12 years but only to Vietnam for 12 days!  It was still a wrench. The relationship between a father and a son or daughter is so primary and powerful and because of that, it is potentially so painful.   There are many movies about grown children trying to find or reconcile with their father.   Wanting to reach our father and our heavenly Father is hard-wired into us.  We love the story of the prodigal son because we were that boy that was welcomed back with a robe and a ring. The question is “are we still enjoying the Father’s favour? Do we still feel Him celebrate us each day?” We can all go through difficult times where we can begin to wonder if Father is still celebrating us or still greatly favouring us. Of course, we understand the New Covenant- we know that Jesus said He would be with all of us till the very end and Paul states that Gods abundant grace, is un-merited favour poured upon all His children.  We get that with our mind but sometimes we don’t feel it.

Once when I felt like this I discovered the problem was in my imagination and not with God. Our imagination is what creates our feelings and it even affects our behaviour. The Bible says “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.”  The imagination creates its own reality. Something doesn’t have to be true for that thing to affect you. You if you imagine the stock market will crash, you sell up. Three years later you are still waiting for the crash. If you think you can’t enter the Promised Land your right.  If a child imagines there is a bogey man under their bed you won’t need to tell them to stay in  bed- their imagination will do it. Here is the point. If God is with you but you don’t think He’s with you or you can’t imagine Him being with you – you will act like you’re on your own and you will live in fear and insecurity. God can be favouring you but if in your heart you can’t or don’t imagine that, you will live as if He is not favouring you – a crippled and stilted life. But if we imagine the truth; that we are loved and that He has His arm around us and He is with us and giving wisdom to us all day, we are confident and enjoy beautiful fellowship with him. Right?   The miss-informed or lacking imagination doesn’t change the truth or the fact that God is with us and that He is favouring us, but it changes our ability to feel it and enjoy our Father.

We need to reclaim our imagination and fill it with true thoughts of our Saviour’s goodness toward us.  Our imagination was given to human beings by our Father to be a medium between the spirit realm and the soul of man; a sanctuary where we can meet with Him. So from an early age, the enemy of our soul has tried to fill our imagination with images of absent or cruel fathers or to imagine our lives as small and inconsequential.  The devil may seek to fill imaginations with addictive images till in the end the One who gave us the imagination as a sanctuary to meet and walk together in, is squeezed out of His meeting place.

Friend, let’s take back our imaginations.  Close your eyes and deliberately imagine Father favouring you, loving you, coming to you, embracing you and helping you.  Hey, that is all true -imagine the truth and let faith arise.

Published by Jim Shaw