Am I talking about the one in life? Maybe...

Am I talking about the one in projects? YES!

Inspiration is easy to find if you are willing to find it. Now, I'm not a professional advisor (trust me if I give advice, I think I would ruin someone's confidence) but I have some tips on how to get inspired or how to find inspiration for creative projects. 

1. Just keep swimming

In Finding Nemo, Nemo's dad keeps looking for Nemo and goes through these amazing adventures and in the end, finds Nemo. That's how finding inspiration for me is like minus the swimming part because I can't swim. But, I won't find inspiration unless I swim... I don't know if that made any sense but it did to me.

2. Don't be LAZY 

I have no words. Just don't be lazy.

3. Go to a museum or anywhere else

Go to a museum or somewhere that you have never been. Plan a trip. You never know what you might see. You might see a flying unicorn! Or, a picture of a flying unicorn...

4. Ask someone 

If you have no inspiration then ask someone. You never know what crazy idea they might come up with. I asked my cousin what should I do and she came up with these amazing ideas that I could use for my projects. 

5. Look into your everyday surroundings 

Let's say, you find a window and it has these amazing designs; that could be your inspiration right there...unique windows. That was a bad example but you know what I mean.

Overall, those are the tips that I have learned during the summer holidays for finding inspiration. It's not the best tips but I thought I might share it in case someone is stuck finding inspiration. 


Published by Bipana Thapa