Private investigators, lawyers, and other professionals in the legal field used to have the monopoly of data in the past when it comes to background checks and people search. But the thing about these records is that they are public databases. So technically, everyone should be given free access to it.

The good news is we have companies like USA Trace which helps us not just in finding people, but also in running a full public record background check on them.

What is USA Trace?

USA Trace is a people search company which offers legitimate, precise, and comprehensive search reports on people based on purely public records databases for free. You are also given a lot of preliminary or preview information to help you determine if you have already hit what you are precisely looking for.

The company sources its data from the most powerful public records databases available in the US, making information easily accessible and readily available. More so, clients can receive comprehensive reports instantly compared to what you can get from hiring private investigators and legal professionals – at minimal to no cost at all.

No wonder that USA Trace has been used by a lot of professionals in the US already – from private investigators and lawyers, even the regular citizens who simply wish to reunite with their good old friends and family members. It is a reputable organization that has been around since 1997, consistently gaining support from private investigators and legal professionals.

What Services Does It Offer?

•    Social Security Number Verification – Looking for a good old friend and you happen to have a copy of their SSN? (for whatever reason) USA Trace provides a free SSN search tool which contains information about the state of issuance and the year when it was acquired. Simply enter the SSN, and you are good to go.

•    Social Security Number Search – To take it a step further, USA Trace not only verifies the SSN, but it also helps you conduct a background check using only the SSN of a person. It provides you with criminal records, address history, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, and other cases involving the person.

•    People Search – Don’t know the SSN but you have the person’s name? USA Trace also provides a way for you to check the cities or states where a person has lived, their email addresses, and contact numbers through the people search. The funny thing is you can even search for yourself there.

•    Marriage Search – If you’re about to get married and you want to validate whether your fiancé has no recorded marriage yet, USA Trace can help you locate marriage records for every state in the US. You can also use the contact details of the government units from which you can order copies of the official marriage records.

What Do You Need to Know or Remember?

USA Trace uses publicly available records. It makes sure that people’s information remains protected and secured. More importantly, people who use the website to run a people search or SSN verification are protected by anonymity, and the person that you are searching for will not be notified about your search.

You are free to search nearly anyone that is currently or at some point in their lives, have lived in the US. However, searching for people below the age of 18 is strictly prohibited because the company gives extraordinary protection to the identity of minors. Aside from this, you cannot use the search engine to confirm a person’s eligibility for employment, housing, insurance, or credit as these already involve confidential information. 

For more information, you can visit their website here: Happy searching!

Published by Janice Cook