When one of your loved ones has a history with substance abuse, you want to help them, and the best way to do it is to find a rehab centre that can assess them during the recovery period. You already know that it is an overwhelming issue they are dealing with, and it does not affect only them, but also the other members of the family. There are times when a substance abuse condition involves the co-occurrence of mental health issues, and in this situation, they need specialised help. If they are the first person who is dealing with this issue, from your family, then you may not know that every case of addiction is unique, and they need personalised help. There are cases when patients need more individualised therapy in order to recover, but there are also cases when they need group therapy.

If you want to find an addiction treatment to suit their needs, then it is important to do a thorough research.

There are multiple types of therapy

The first thing you have to know is that rehab is a term used to define centres that help people address numerous types of addiction and health issues. The Holistic Sanctuary states that every rehab centre is unique and it addresses the needs of a certain category of patients.

Detox centres

Detox centres are perfect for the persons who want to stop using a certain drug, but they feel physically incapable of doing it. There are not few the cases when the process of withdrawal from a certain substance can threaten the life of the patient. If your family member is in this situation, then it is important to stay in one of the drug rehab centers because they can break the addiction in a safe and controlled environment.

Residential treatment

In case they are struggling with this condition for many years then it is advisable to stay in a detox centre for a long period of time. A doctor will supervise them and the treatment will be personalised according to their particular condition. In case they are also dealing with a behavioural issue, a specialist can address this problem at the same time they break the body’s addiction.

Partial hospitalisation or day treatment

In this situation, they will come to the therapy centre daily for a determined number of hours. This treatment is perfect for the persons who benefited from residential treatment but they still need help to remain motivated to stop using substances that harm their health.


When they will complete the rehabilitation program, they can join an aftercare centre to help them prevent relapsing. Every client will receive the support they need to succeed outside, in the real world. They will join a support group and they will have multiple meetings on a certain period of time. This program can offer the client group counselling or individual counselling, according to their particular situation.

Searching for the right treatment is not easy, if you have problems choosing one, you should talk with a specialist to assess you.

Published by Cynthia Madison