Have you ever participated in a yoga asana class in which the teacher has asked that you ‘try easy’ or ‘ find the ease within your effort’ or something along those lines? At that moment have you been experiencing pain from holding the pose or fear from trying to balance or some other less than pleasant sensation? Have you wondered how it’s possible to find ease here?
Often times when we’re practicing yoga we hold onto pain or discomfort, we hold onto the fears, we hold onto emotions that no longer serve us and also hold onto the outcomes rather than doing the pose that honours us. When we’re able to let these things go we find our ease. Yoga is so much of a mental practice, but we get caught up in the physical aspect.
In order to find the sweet spot, that place where you find ease in the pose, let your practice become more heart centered. Use your breath to calm your mind from thoughts of getting to the next level of the pose. Settle your thoughts away from fear or thoughts of what you’re going to do next and allow yourself to fully experience the pose as it is in this moment. Notice whether you’re holding on in places you don’t need to. You may find that you are clenching your jaw or your buttocks unnecessarily. Ease away from that. Let the effort melt away and find ease. If you can close your eyes, smooth your forehead and let your thoughts go you will likely be in the pose that’s right for you, the one that honours your body and your soul. This allows you to get into the deeper side of yoga where we connect mind, body and spirit. You can find this place in any pose as long as you are honouring where you are today.
When practicing, ensure that you do so with ahimsa (non-harming), and satya (truth). Then you’ll find the sweet spot.

Published by Reena Davis