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When I look on Elena's Shumilova photos I think how simple things can be beautiful.Idyllic  childhood  on a country, living close with nature, running  on a grass with bare feet, picking flowers on a meadow, jumping freely on a stack of hay,  swimming in a lake, interacting naturally  everyday with farm  animals, chasing geese, feeding cows...


She might be an inspiration, what a success and talent.She didn't use special props, clothes, setting, place.... She gave up her job as an architect just to be with kids and photograph them. Now she has workshops all over the world and 2 day workshop with her costs 1000$. Her account on 500px has:

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Many of us live in a city, when is more opportunities for work, more of everything, it seems more convenient life, and  more busy.

In the past I used live in apartment in the city, and that's what I thought my life is going to be...more in hurry, more stress, I would have to worry how I look like, how my house look like,  if I'm driving good looking car etc. I thought I will have job maybe like this:

In an office in big corporation

will be climbing step by step on career ladder, I will wear nice office cloths, high heals, eat lunch in cafeteria, my kids will be at day car all day...and once a year I will take vacation somewhere, lying down on  beach full of people  I will try to  hear sea waves crashing on the shore through the many voices around. That's how I pictured successful life.... but then things  change.

For many of people I observed after they tried that "city life" they miss nature, they miss that close bond with natural environment, so they buy flowers for the  balconies,they go to the quiet forest on a weekend for a walk, they go fishing early in the morning to watch calm waters of the lake in the middle of nowhere, they start thinking of building or buying a house on suburban of the city or country, they want to have even just the small garden, little piece of grass which is their!

Now I know, I'm lucky to watch my kids eating raspberries straight form the bushes in  our garden, to pick fresh tomatoes for a salad, to drink coffee or tea in the morning hearing birds and looking on the trees.I don't have to wait in traffic everyday in the morning , I barely hear cars. I don't have expensive house to show others, don't go for exclusive holidays, don't drive shiny luxury car, can't afford everything I want... do I regret, well life is not perfect, but we can be happy anyway... I wake up see my kids,we all fine, we do achieved our small successes and I go outside to take a deep breath, I smile raspberries are still there...


I admit it would be hard to live completely without what civilization brought to us, without technology...but we are part of the nature, we always like to go back to the roots.We used to live so close with natural environment...and  it feels right  to be close to the nature, hug a tree, smell flowers, watch the waves, hear leaves rustling on the wind and live in balance between what you want to do and have to do, between time you sacrifice for others and time you have for yourself, time between work and home, time for being active and time to relax....


Published by Kate Kobryn