Finding Your Inner Beast

Take it from a fighter.

You have something inside of you that is much darker and stronger than the enemy you’ve fixated on deep within your own façade. How long you choose to deny these patterns and repetitions of failure is your mistake and nobody else’s.

Humans are creatures of habit and I wonder why you chose to be okay with failure, why you believe that sitting there will one day bring you to the top.

So, that enemy? What does he or she look like? Is it your ex, somebody who made you feel like shit, the guy who’s bigger than you at the gym, your neighbor with the life you only dream about, which one of these is yours?

Don’t claim one. Not a single damn one. Because just like happiness is a choice, so is the freedom to create evil. You’ve fought countless times against this enemy only within your head but you forgot you’ve never studied psychological warfare and you’ve been at a loss since the enemy snuck into your conscience.

So tell me. What bullshit story do you want to tell yourself this morning? The one where your body aches or your head hurts? Or the one about today just not being the day?

As soon as you learn to fight through all of the negativity within your own head, as the images of the villain start to evaporate and your sweat glands explode into waterfalls and your callouses feel like chasms opening up your inner scars, you will realize you will be standing toe to toe with your mirror reflection.

Your biggest enemy has and will always be yourself. So look straight into the mirror and don’t you dare blink. Ask yourself what you’d do to be at the top. To be the man standing when the bell rings. You created your own evils. Now start grinding towards your own success. Not by anybody else’s merits, but your sheer joy of being better than who the mirror told you were yesterday.

Fight. Fight. Fight. Scream at the top of your lungs. I used to wonder why people talked to themselves. They’re not. It’s the voices inside of their heads telling them to never fucking quit. I used to be scared of the voices inside my head. Nowadays, I wonder if they wrote this or me.

Either way, just take it from a fighter. You never know if you’re strong enough until you’re on the ropes and you find that fire. You are the shot in the dark. Just don’t fucking miss.

Image Source: (by JMR Designs)

Published by Luke Lee