It took a long time for me to adopt the mindset that I currently have now. For years and years, I didn't like myself, I hated my life and I was profoundly unhappy.

However, throughout my life, I started to learn the importance of taking some time out to focus on me and practiced letting go of the things I had no control over in order to find inner peace and joy. 

When our peace is disturbed, we can feel it right away. There is an uneasiness that fills us, and we automatically start to worry about things. This causes us to feel off balanced and unsettled.

This feeling was one that I was way to familiar with in the past. I don't ever want to go back to these days of darkness, that had me feeling empty and unable to see the sun. As much as I tried, I couldn't find things to smile about which made me hate my life even more.

This is when I decided to make a decision. Each and every day that I was blessed with the opportunity to wake up, I chose to be happy.
I chose to be grateful, and I chose to see the world through rose-colored glasses. Yes, it is a choice, my choice, and I chose to have peace in my life.

I had girlfriends that were accustomed to having drama in their lives. Every day, they dragged me into their drama, which consequently taken a toll on me. I love and appreciate all my friends, but unless you choose to change what brings this amount of drama within your life, then you must like the situation that you are in. How can we go through the same things and expect different results? This is called insanity!

I chose not to hang out with negative people, as they will suck out all the life out of you. I chose to surround myself with people who are positive, happy and love life, even with all the ups and downs that come with it!

Life is a choice. We make choices every day: you chose not to do drugs, steal, hurt people, cheat, or be miserable. We live in the greatest country in the world, a country that allows you to choose, how great is that? Even though it took me a very long time to get to a place of peacefulness, every dark night, every tear, every cry to God for help was worth it since I am now in a place in my life where I am finally at peace.

Getting sucked into the drama that was my life for those few months, allowed me to realize just how much I needed my peace. I used to feel like I was swimming upstream against the current, fighting just to catch my breath, who wants to live like that?

So today my friends ask yourselves: do you feel like everyday is a constant battle?  Are you surrounded by negative people? Do you feel like you are caught up in a drama filled life?

If yes, then you need to choose to step out and step up to a better life. This is your life  and you only get one trip and one shoot at it. Why spend it worried, anxious, hateful, and miserable. Isn't it better to feel peace, joy, gratefulness, forgiveness and be one with God and the universe? Today is a new day, erase the past, start over, wake up and chose!

"Be the change you want to see"
"And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over...he turned into a beautiful butterfly"

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Published by Francesca Villardi (Treadmill Treats)