When I came across Fire Breathing Christian, it was through a friend who popped a cool article about the early Christian signs found in the game of the Legend of Zelda. As I read through this highly interesting blog, I found myself clicking on more thought provoking, convicting articles about putting the Lord first in EVERY aspect of our lives.  Then I saw the title of the blog, Fire Breathing Christian, and the image that came to mind just had me bouncing in my chair saying, "I've got to have this blogger on my show!"

After all, Christians, not erroneously but perhaps misguided, tend to think meekness, and humility are the only sides of Christ. Perhaps we need to be reminded that Christ is not just the Lamb but the Lion. Perhaps we need to be remember to be wise as serpents, and not just harmless as doves. 

Fire Breathing Christian hopes to equip and encourage Christians to better understand, proclaim, and apply the lordship of Christ in every realm of His creation. You can call in to weigh in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download Stitcher on your mobile device. Or, click on the link here. Tune in!

About the Blog and Blogger


Hello and thank you for visiting Fire Breathing Christian. My name is Scott.

I’m a husband, father, speaker, author, blogger and member of Christ the King Church in Middle Tennessee. Through my writing here at Fire Breathing Christian, I hope to equip and encourage Christians to better understand, proclaim, and apply the lordship of Christ in every realm of His creation.

My hope is that in doing so, the children of today might inherit a more Christ-centered culture and civilization in which they will then be able to continue the Gospel-fueled work of the Great Commission.

The Lord has been pleased to lead (and often drag) me down a peculiar path, and I hope to share what I’ve learned in a manner that is helpful to others and glorifying to Him.

I lost my first wife, Kristi, in her twenties after a four-year struggle with metastasized breast cancer. By the grace of God, I was blessed to witness, encourage, and experience incredible beauty and growth in and through her struggles and challenges en route to perfect glorification through our King.

I am now blessed with the most amazing, precious, loving and supportive wife that any man could ever hope for (or dream of) in Holly (pictured above with our little Rosie and Wolfgang.

I’ve operated professionally out of Dutch harbor, Alaska, as a part of the Alaskan fishing industry and I’ve worked for a variety of well known tech companies (like Amazon.com and Nintendo of America). There have been a variety of other interesting gigs along the way as well, but I won’t bore you with those details here other than to say that it all started for me at the age of thirteen with my first part-time paying job at Kay’s Grocery & Gas in Henderson, Arkansas, and I’ve learned to be thankful for every step along the way (however much I may not have understood the need or purposes for those steps at the time).

While I write a lot about family, education, politics, economics, and culture from a Christian perspective, the idea here at Fire Breathing Christian is to try to tackle every issue and subject, leaving nothing untouchable and testing everything in the perfect light of Christ as revealed in His Word. For a more detailed introduction to the Fire Breathing Christian concept as it is intended here, please check out Intro to Fire: The Power and Purpose of the Common Believer. (You can also read my Statement of Faith by clicking here.)

For those wanting to get to the nitty-gritty details as to theology, soteriology, eschatology and the like, please check out What are you, some kind of [insert label here] or something?!And if you’re wondering about things like the design and use of the shark-fishie logo and why it is that I wear long hair (which you can’t really see in the above pic), then check out What’s with that shark-fishie graphic thing? and When the Bible gets hairy. (Or: Is it right for men to have long hair?).

I’ve had the honor of teaching or presenting to groups and at churches from California to Florida. (If you’d like for me to speak or help in some way at your church, with a group, or at a convention, please feel free to contact me.)

As a former wretch saved by grace and very much a work in progress, I make no claims to “know it all” or anything close. My goal here is to point toward the nature of Christ as the source of all truth. I am eternally thankful that He chooses to work through such flawed, weak vessels as yours truly, and appreciate the opportunity to share what I am able to with you here.

Lord (and technology) willing, I post something new on most days (up to six days a week).

The daily posts here at FBC began in August of 2014 and the hope is to one day build this into a useful (and popular) enough resource to support my family through writing. Your prayers and encouragement in this regard are much appreciated.

Once traffic and activity here proves able to provide a basic living for my family, I will be able to focus much more of my time on the FBC mission, significantly expanding the scope, frequency, and depth of posting at Fire Breathing Christian.

If you’d like to help in this mission, please spread the word, “like” FBC on Facebook, and signup to have new article updates sent directly to your email address (using the form in the top right corner of the FBC home page). If you’d like to learn more about making a much appreciated financial contribution to the FBC mission, please click here.

Thank you for your time and interest.

In His grip,


Published by Parker J Cole