Yes! Our first day officially as doctors. Which means it was this day on wards that we could prescribe medicines, perform procedures,walk with senior doctors during rounds & flaunt our stethoscope openly. Oh and of course add ‘Dr.’ in front of our names!

It embarks the starting of biggest turning point of our lives & for a moment we feel like we own the world and by moment I mean from our dorm rooms to when we enter the hospital gate which is when things starts to get chaotic. We stand clueless in the middle of rip-roaring OPD, blocking ways for nurses to run around who give us that look — ‘I have been here for years now,you’re just another intern’, wondering what to do & where to start from until we meet our sleep deprived,hungry,frustrated,waiting to unload on new interns- residents.

Yes! that defines start of internship for most of us.

As the day progresses, we are handed over with tons of paper works,discharges,case files etc & the first few pages we write are some of the most beautifully written piece of work but then we get in the mode of not giving a crap because nobody really cares how our hand writing looks and also because the time doesn’t allow us to concentrate on it for long. We would be swamped with tons of other paper works and monitoring patients consistently and boy do we take monitoring seriously? (at least for first 6 months) checking vitals every half an hour until we realize its dangerous to wake up the sleeping & visibly comfortable patients just to check on their pulse.

*patient alert* They hate it when junior doctors disturb them. More so an overly enthusiastic junior doctor.

My first day of internship was unexpectedly pleasant because I started in the department of community medicine and most of what we had to do was in the fields among general population, looking at their lifestyle,way of income, water resources etc. So the first day was mostly orientation of how things would go from then on wards.

It’s a different kind of happiness & unfortunately doesn’t last longer than your first day when you finally start seeing things go awfully wrong, patients deteriorating & realize how far you still have to go along in this journey!

After the first day, a little bouts of happiness/pride comes here & there like with a successful blood draw or a safely achieved IV line, catheterization, ascitic / pleural tap (minor procedures) or when a senior doctor appreciate your hard work & then slowly you make your way in assisting major surgeries,delivering babies or if you really smart,take part in diagnostic discussions but that’s the highest you are gonna go and what better than knowing that your opinion matters (as a doctor) Right? That’s the pursuit of happyness for us right there.

No matter how many times things go wrong, we all love our first year into being doctors because later its never same again ever!

And that is just the start! To a more beautiful & better world of learning & self -satisfaction.


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Published by Supriya Tiwari