I'm sure you have heard that Pokemon Go has just been released-- WARNING addiction is REAL!

My Husband and I have been GLUED for the last 24 hours! We are both on Level 8 and are Team VALOR!

But for real for a first impression this app is amazing, you can't do a hell of a lot while sitting down so it really encourages you to get out and walk around- given that though,my husband and I have driven around a lot too and much to my own embarrassment i have been using it during my work time as i am delivery driver, so it definitely makes work a lot more fun (even if i end up being late)

The excitement of discovering new Pokemon is never ending and the amount of conversation being shared is phenomenal, people aren't competing or fighting, they are conversing and comparing.

A major warning though is that it is very easy to get lost, a lot of self discipline is needed to ensure you DO NOT PICK UP YOUR PHONE WHILE DRIVING, I either get my husband to do it for me or I pull over. But aside from that i think once the hype has gone down it will get better.

All around our country there are Facebook pages popping up for local players! One of which my husband and I have created. The community being brought together is really cool! 

So far I would give this game a 8\10, only because the amount of server lag and difficulty logging in at high volume times is so frustrating. but like i said, once the hype has worn off i think it will be better.

What do you think of the game? Have you downloaded it yet? What team are you?

K x

EDIT- I am still new at this and this is my first My Trending Post so bare with me as I learn my way around here. This post was meant to go up last week but I didn't click publish- NOOB. Update on our Current Stats- I am Almost level 17 now and the server issues have mostly been resolved, The newest glitch is the poke-ball freezing when trying to catch a Pokemon but we have learnt a lot these pas 10 days- taking advantage of lures and incense, the magic of a lucky egg and the obsession of leaving the kids with nana so Hubby and I can go on a hunt 

Published by Kristy Paddison