We need to balance up our working and family life. Normally, Sis & I only able to take a break during weekend as we are extremely busy during working days. There are too much “work” to be accomplished during weekend like clean our house, laundry, ironing clothes, grocery shopping, play with our cats and others.

No matter how busy we are, we still give priority to be “volunteer” in monastery. To us, it’s so important to serve others, when we are serving others unconditionally; actually we are also learning and growing too. It’s not always we can get chance to serve, it’s all depend on right conditions. As such, we treasure all opportunity to serve others.

Today, we went for a volunteer workshop. The most important thing we learned was not forgetting whenever you serve others especially for those visitors who come to monastery for the first time. The first 6 seconds is most critical as our mind is starting to give impression on others. This apply the same in our social and working life, always give the best first impression by smiling. This is the international language to warm and melt others heart, to break the ace, release tension and bring happiness to both parties. Why are we so stingy on our laughter? It’s cost zero yet bring so much benefits to us.

No matter how stressful you are, please remember to smile. When you are smiling, your whole body is smiling too. If you pay attention, you’ll notice your eyes also smiling, your voice also more cheerful… and not forgetting happiness is contagious! Lets share your happiness to your surrounding!

Smile is the most beautiful make-up!!!

Published by Hoh Li Jiun