Suddenly, you feel like you’re a paper boat in an ocean-so fragile and so brave at the same time to go with the changing currents every day.


Suddenly, you wished you were just trying to finish your thesis paper rather than finish college and you don’t know what you’re going to do for the rest of your life.

The most dreaded activity after-college is job hunting; be prepared for the never-ending stream of hopes and rejections because life actually begins with that.

Suddenly, you feel like you’re a paper boat in an ocean-so fragile and so brave at the same time to go with the changing currents every day.


Life was suddenly more than just saving the allowance and worrying about finishing an essay due next Tuesday. Life became a struggle of looking where you actually belong without losing yourself, selling yourself without really lying, and even depressing over that rejection e-mail for a day.


We’ve all been there, us fresh graduates, have been perpetually thinking about what really is in store for us and where we will actually go that would not only bring food to our plates but also makes us fulfilled. But for now, our first jobs are actually the stepping stones for our careers. No matter how absurd our resumes (writing that we actually enjoy climbing mountains) would look like to hiring managers, we will try to wing it.


But let me tell you about the realities that we are facing after our “childhood phase.” There is even a millennial term that was invented, and it’s called “adulting.” Adulting is a term given to fresh graduates and seemingly young urban professionals who are trying to figure out how things work in the real adult world while trying to leave their childhood behind to finally grow up. Sad? Sometimes but it’s going to happen.


  • Entry-level jobs. Job application is not a joke. The movies might sugarcoat the entire scene as the protagonist enters an office, scheduled an interview, getting a phone call and then getting his/her cubicle. Bam! In the real world: you submit your resume (online and offline), finger-crossed that you’ll get an interview (sometimes you don’t!), receive an e-mail if you will be called for an exam or an interview or you will receive a rejection e-mail, then you will be scheduled for an examination then receive the result after a week, get an initial interview if you’re lucky, get the final interview if you deserve it and hopefully be scheduled for training! Yes, hiring process is not immediate. People applying for the jobs are called even a month later or maybe even months!
  • Multiple job applications and offers. Common problem among fresh grads. You will be applying for maybe about twenty companies and finger-crossing that the top three will call you then you actually get very impatient when they don’t. Suddenly, a company in dire need will call you for an examination then interviews you then you get hired! You thought the other companies forgot about you but then out of the blue, they will pop into your e-mail or your phone inbox. You leaped out of joy from your seat but then you realized that you already signed a contract from the company you are currently in. You went to the interviews, nevertheless, and then they actually considering to hire you. All of a sudden, you get undecided on what path to take, and which company actually has a better working environment. In the end, you reject the other and committed yourself to the choice. Then at night during your first few months, you will wonder if you actually made the right decision or not- even if it’s too early to tell.
  • Working in your good old town or going to the big, cut-throat city. One and two actually connects here but this might be the greatest problem you might face. If you have been living in the comforts of your one-horse town then you might feel indifferent to go the big city wherein you hear horror stories of crimes, traffic, high living expenditures and cut-throat competitions. On the other hand, if you really want to transform yourself to become the bolder version of yourself then the big city is there for your taking. God bless you!
  • Not the dream job you thought. We all have the dream job we wish to land after college but in reality, we don’t actually get it first. I’m jealous if ever you landed your dream job after college. It might be that your dream job has no open-position, or that you might lack credentials or you might not be ready for it yet. Don’t feel depressed because it would affect the quality of your job but keep in mind that a goal is a goal and you need to work in order to achieve it. Work efficiently in your first job, you’ll never know that you might actually go somewhere because of it from your manager’s own referrals, exposures and networks. Life is an endless possibility!
  • Money matters. One advice I could give to all the senior college students is to save all they can! Especially if they are planning to work away from home. Your first salary is still going to be on the 15th or 30th of the month. How are you going to survive for the first two-three weeks? Especially that you are going to pay for food, rent (if you decided to work in another place) and transportation? Save all you can and you will thank yourself later. I wish someone told me this.
  • Renting a good house. Renting a place near the place you are working is a blessing. The location actually matters because of the traffic that the big city is blatantly advertising. Aside from the location, the money for rent is also a factor then the facilities and the safety. Sometimes, you wish you will just go home and start college all over again.
  • Good office work clothes. Let’s face it, we don’t hoard office clothes when we are still studying. Except if you are a business student, then it is necessary to own neckties and pencil skirts but then for the rest of us, our wardrobe actually still looks like the clothes we are wearing for college. How are we going to buy clothes when we are budgeting our salary for food and fare also?
  • Government papers. It’s the start of the time when you will be lining up to file for your Social Security System, Tax Identification Number, Health Insurance and everything else if the human resource department will require it! Trust me, it’s fulfilling at first but then you realized you’re actually an adult now.
  • New faces, new environment. As a new employee, you are the lowest of the low in the food chain (except for the intern!). You have to display courtesy to the people around you who have served the company longer than you are. Never be an arrogant because no one would help you if you are carrying yourself as if they are your subordinates.
  • Accepting the fact that you are finally an adult. And not a college student anymore who still relies to your parents.

First jobs are frustrating, challenging and sometimes, tiring. You will be required to do more work, render longer hours, and bow to your seniors. But your first job will always be a place for you to start growing up  and that’s the sign of becoming a real adult at last.


Published by Royanni Miel Hontucan