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[Author’s Note – I had written this piece when I was around twenty. I don’t remember what made me write this one but I definitely enjoyed writing it. I am not sure if I could tag this story as an erotica but then everything needs a first. And this was my first attempt in exploring this genre and helped me hone my skills for writing such stories. Do read and enjoy.]

“So! What do you think?” asked Maya.

“Hmm-mm” mumbled Aditya.

They were seated in Aditya’s car and were facing the calm Bay of Bengal. Maya was intrigued. It was Aditya who was the chatter box amongst the two. But today was different though. His demeanour said something else. He was unusually silent and his breathing  was ragged.

Maya has been in love with Aditya for a long time now. But she was never vocal about her feelings, dreading rejection. And today was no different as she was trying to hide her feelings; Aditya’s reactions came off as a bouncer to her.

“Aditya” she called out to him a barely audible whisper.

That did it. Aditya who was trying to rein his overflowing emotions for her, snapped out at the velvety tone of her voice. His name from her lips felt heaven.

As he stared hungrily at her luscious lips which were slightly parted, Maya felt a red hue rise and warm her cheeks. And when she slightly touched his arm to distract his vision, she did not know that she was inviting a lion who was ready to pounce on its prey.

Maya was startled when hard lips landed on her soft ones. She felt an unknown pleasure rise in her as Aditya fondled her waist with one hand and the other hand was meddling with her hair. She wanted to resist and raised her hands to push him away. But she only ended up snaking her arms around his neck.

A sigh escaped her mouth as Aditya bit her lower lip to gain more access into her. The feelings which she had tried to bury opened up and made her moan. Aditya groaned as he heard her moan. He pulled her up more closely to him and she gasped as her breasts pressed against his chest.

A new wave of sexual pleasure hit both of them as he trailed wet kisses along the nape of her neck and jaw line. Maya felt her nipples stand erect as she felt his lips trail towards her cleavage. She let out a shriek as he lightly bit her throat near her throbbing pulse.

As he claimed her lips back, she opened her lips to let him in and felt heaven explode behind her eyes as Aditya’s tongue licked the contours of her mouth. Her body ached with pleasure as he cupped the left breast of hers and played with it while licking her lips.

As he tried to rip off her top, something snapped in her and she pushed him back with all her might. As both were trying to catch their breath, tears pooled in Maya’s eyes and she glowered at him.

Aditya felt guilt bubble up in him. He knew he had to set things straight. “Maya” he called out to her in a low voice. No response.

She was angry. Very angry, but not on him, it was her. She tried to rub those tears angrily that were threatening to fall down from her eyes, but in vain. Fresh tears formed as she thought about how her own feelings betrayed her. She felt weak and ashamed in front of him.

Aditya noticed the play of emotions on her face, right from shock, disgust, guilt to anger.

“I have to bring her out of this guilt. It was not a mistake. It was a beautiful moment and I want her to realize it too” thought Aditya.

Even in those tense moments, he could not help but notice how cute she looked. Her hair was all ruffled and her lipstick was smudged with swollen lips. He felt a bit naughty when he thought he was the reason for those plump lips. Her pupils were dilated and he wanted to ravage those lips yet again.

“Get a hold Mr.Aditya” he chuckled and mumbled to himself.

He knew he had another important task at hand right now.

“What is so funny, haan” she demanded while shooting daggers at him. Maya had noticed him smiling like a cat who got its cream and that irritated her more. She was confused. While she had fantasized about such a moment many times, but when it happened she is aghast.

“Nothing!” he shrugged his shoulders. That infuriated her more and pumped her fists square on his chest. She continued hitting him and Aditya enjoyed the attention being showered on him.

“Ouch! That hurts, jaan!!” beamed Aditya with a tongue-in-cheek expression.

Maya was shocked would be an understatement. “Jaan” she whispered to no one in particular. Aditya held her tiny hands in his large ones, looking into her eyes with sheer determination said “Ms. Maya Narayanan I, Aditya Srivatsav have fallen in love with you, hook line and sinker.”

Maya could not react. How many days had she longed to hear those words from him. And when he did she could not believe ears. Her lips quivered and her throat was choked with emotion. She opened her mouth few times like a fish but could not find her voice. And with nothing else to say, she slammed herself into her waiting arms.

As he pulled her away reluctantly, he saw raw desire in her eyes, akin to something he also felt. But he wanted to wait, tread the path carefully.

But the words that came out of Maya’s mouth next, froze him.

“Kiss me, Adi” she whispered with a sexual edge to her voice.

“At your service always, Madame” winked Aditya.

Maya giggled at his comment and moved on to his lap to sit comfortably. She gasped as he pulled her close by placing a hand on her derriere. “You are mine” he growled hungrily. and “I am all yours” said she in a barely audible whisper.

What started off as a peck on the lips, made way for an erotic kiss, with both of them fighting for dominance and trying to explore each others’ mouth. As they parted with need for oxygen, “my sexy and fiery hell cat” he cooed in her ears. She buried her face into his chest and laid there for a long time with dreams of a beautiful future.

Published by Swarnalatha Anumula