First date, first love, first kiss, first argument, first fight, first heartbreak…oh how love can either be the greatest thing or the worst thing of our lives. Everyday we go out in search of love even if it’s subliminally. Girls get dolled up in search for their ideal man to notice them or even just for some attention from guys even if its not intentional because at the end of the day we’re all human and attention is what most people love and desire. Men go out with the “lads” in search of either love or just for some fun because let’s face it once again company and attention is something that humans crave. Love is difficult to find it’s choosing one person to give all your love and attention to and making sure you don’t neglect them so no one else can have them. Love is a funny thing I guess.
If you have someone you love then hold on to them tight and don’t stop doing what you did to first get them, carry on doing it, it’s what keeps the spark alive sizzling.

Published by @truepoetmo .