Many look forward to their wedding nights with so much expectation. When it finally comes to pass they cannot wait for their guest to leave in order for them to be left alone with their partners and make it really special, one to remember for eternity. Couples are seen to be more anxious about making this night really amazing because many people move in and live together without them getting married. But do not make a lot of expectations for it to be memorable just let things take its course.

Don’ts and Do’s on Your Wedding Night

1. Everything will always fall into place if you relax. Most people have been dreaming of their wedding night for so long that one can remember. It is not always advice able to have lots of expectations for your wedding night as one might get disappointed. Wedding night is the day of your wedding which will probably mean you are tried but you are expected to make it amazing. Enjoy your partner's company and let things fall into place as there will be many other nights you will spend together.

2. Have the idea of having your first night at your new place it will always feel real not a fantasy and comfortable than heading straight to your honeymoon destination.

3. Sleep In a room with a bed that has a good mattress which it is not too soft -find the best mattress at SleepingCulture. It is best to know for sex to work out good a little bit of exploitation needs to take place. He will require an item to brace against while pushing to avoid putting full weight on you. In case you check in into a hotel ask for a bed that can be adjusted in case it is soft and you wants to make it more firms, also ask for a big bed as it can be hard to sleep with someone on the same bed.

4. Have romantic moments like giving each other massage, taking a shower together which will help you get naked instead of having sex which will enable you to gain confidence around each other making you get used being intimate with each other.

Note: Movies tend to make a fantasy look really great like sex in the Jacuzzi but in the real sense, it might not be that great because the angle is quite awful. It is better to take the event to bed but if you like it in the shower have fun.

5. For some people, the first time might be really painful for some it might not be the case, but with time it will not hurt. In cases, it is too tight keep on working on relaxing and the pain will eventually go away. But everything can be taken care of if you take along a lubricant like a coconut oil which will be more comfortable.

6. Have with you some cleanup items like towels by the bed as it can get messier than you can think.

7. If you haven’t had sex yet the next few days it is going to be your daily routine, it might be a very huge step for your body to take. It is not surprising for one to be diagnosed with urinary infection during their honeymoon as the body is still adjusting to the new changes. But this can be avoided if both of you just pee after having sex as urine is sterile and aseptic that can clean out any discharge. Also, take some cranberry juice and you will be fine. Make it a habit to be doing this.

8. Take along with you something else to do other than sex. Bring some kits in case you want to swim or even computer games to keep you busy and create the bond between you two.

9. Carry some clothes like pajamas, robes, and sweater. As a woman Lingerie is amazing as it attracts most men.

10. First nights are extremely overrated hence it is always better to practice for it to become better.

Weddings are super amazing as for many it is a dream come true. But it is always advice able to keep it simple with no much expectation and enjoy each and every bit of the moment. Make memorable moments with the activities you do during your honeymoon. Choose good and conducive environment for your wedding night to be comfortable and amazing. Make sure you have the necessary arrangements on items you are to carry to avoid inconveniencing your honeymoon. The most important of all enjoy each and every moment and make your partner happy.

Published by Ella Maclin