They say that if you want to write you gotta have a great purpose. A great theme that nobody knows like countless tips to become a millionaire in 3 months, also, let's not forget the typical post  about "How to lose weight in a week?". Well, honestly, I only have one thing to offer you in my posts, my life. And yes, probably many of you think, how basic thing she's offering to us, but let me tell you, most of the times people hesitate to share what really matters. And I don't blame them, I know it is difficult to show every part of you, no more, no less, baring your soul in an incredible way, involve people who may not be happy with you putting their lives in the spotlight. But today I told myself, Why not?

My name is Miranda Hernandez, I´m 20 years old  and  I'm currently studying Food Engineering  at some University in the world. All my life I've been interested in writing.

My life pretty much consists in countless words that never concrete in a sound. Every day I see myself wrapped up in questions that I can't  ask, probably by social standards, fear of feeling vulnerable or fear to the reaction of others. That's why writing has always been an escape for me. Many will say that this is a serious job, you can't write without structure or consciousness. What I really think is that there's no reason why it shouldn't be that way. In the end we will never know if the extraordinary works of art were made without any depth, or if the person had to give 400 pages for the weekend. For me writing is an art. Beyond the written words, by the simple fact of its existence, it is art. But why? Because like all art, writing is subjective. Only we know what will cause us to read these words;  you can probably feel identified in a great way or maybe think I'm writing a lot of nonsense. And you may be right, and the individual who thinks otherwise maybe it´s right too. What I´m trying to say is that there are no errors, not in your writing. In the end what you write is yours and no one else's.

My passion for writing led me to start my own blog on the site:

I started writing posts about fashion, because it is something that has always caught my attention, however, I don´t dare myself to call me a "beauty blogger" just because besides that I'm much more. I love writing about life and I'm always looking to make sense of mine through my words. I hope that through my articles you're able to find that sense and if you can't simply entertain yourself in some way.


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