With a packet full of candies, a little boy of our neighborhood came to me and offered some candies. I picked up some and asked what is it for. With the glaring and excited eyes boy replied, I stood first in class, my first step to success .

I remember that moment yet the age of boy seems not too much but his morale was no more less than the feat achieved by marathon winner in Olympics. His reply fascinate me and the very first time I realized that mental cohesiveness brings maturity not age. 

To succeed every single  matter, its the  glimpse of success which fascinate everyone but no one can imagine toil behind it. As I was on vacation and been there for a week with my parents who lived there. His personality left such a great impression that I can't resist myself to enquire about him.

He was living with his parents and an elder brother and to study the only school in that areas, he has to walk 10 miles everyday. His school was equipped with minuscule facilities and few number of teachers.I was amazed that inspite of such meager facilities how he had managed to stand above the board. Its definitely the fact that the absence of something makes us to realize its importance. All this I came to know after having a short conversation with him. Actually seems to be a short conversation but extended to several hours. 

Now its already been so late, so I returned back home in the hope to meet him again very soon....

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