I had a conversation with my mother not that long ago and I told her when I think of a family, it doesn't include a father. Growing up, at school a lot of kids had both parents but in my neighborhood, we didn't. My mother and aunties used to say how they were mom and dad, I understand what they meant. On Father's Day, I would make cards for my mom. My Mom would still take me to get a card and balloon to go put on my dad's grave but that's the reason I don’t go to cemeteries now. She would have to take my sister to see her father in prison, and while my sister liked going to see her dad it would hurt my mom. I never understood why until watching my mom cry seeing me in jail.  

 A lot of people make jokes about black kids not knowing or having their fathers, not realizing our fathers are the same young black "thugs" and "criminals" you throw in jail and kill. I never understood that, You put someone in an area where they'll never get ahead, make it hard for them to do anything, or kill them, then talk shit about them and their children. I don’t hear anyone complaining about trailer trash meth heads reproducing. 

When our men are dead or gone, who is it that has to step up and take on his responsibilities, the MOTHERS. I don't ever hear anyone praising them, but I'd hear them get blamed for raising "hoodlums". What about the mother of kid's who shoot up schools and movie theaters? Who'd they raise? A black male friend of mine said to me after hearing I have a lot of white clients, "OF COURSE, they hate us but love our women." It hurt me when I realized how much that was true, but I get disrespected by them just as much as black men. A doctor offered me $2,500 to call me Nigger Bitch and have me call him master during our date. Yeah, they love us. 

Published by ShylahBoss Lee