There is a recurring theme weaved into many of my blog posts. I encourage you to spend time alone with God first thing every morning. This post is especially for those who say there is no time in the morning to meet with God. 

Surely you will agree that there is nothing on your agenda that could be more important than time with God. Perhaps you’ve experienced a great struggle to make it happen. There are endless interruptions to your plan to have a quiet time with the Lord each morning.

Sometimes expressing something in a different way is very enlightening. So I’m going to list a few different ways to say there isn’t time for meeting with God each day


  • I have more important things to do than spend time with God
  • I am fully capable and ready to plunge into my day without consulting with the Lord
  • Jesus will have to wait
  • I will take the time to meet with God when I’ve done everything else I want to do

What do you think about those statements? If you are a follower of Jesus, I know you don’t agree with any of them. 

However, wouldn’t it be more truthful to say something from the above than to claim there isn’t enough time to meet with God? The undeniable truth is that everyone finds the time to do what is truly their heart’s desire.

So step 1 is the fact that you need to have this become important enough to you that you will take action to make it happen. If you lack the desire then ask God to give you the hunger and He will give you a growing desire to spend time with Him.

The next step for most people is simply setting your alarm clock for an earlier time.

NOTE: If you are not accustomed to spending any time with God at the start of your day, you should begin with a little time and add more as you go along. It is better to increase the time gradually than struggle with unreasonable expectations and end up quitting the habit before it can be established.

Step by step, day by day you will be investing your time in the wisest way possible. 

I pray that you will take the steps to begin a life long habit of meeting with God each morning.

My next post will be about practical ways to start your day with Jesus.

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Published by Lynn Bradley