Two realms, completely different from each other and at war. Once you die you go to live in one realm forever. One choice alone defines everything for you forever.

This was one of my 2016 Most Anticipated Releases. I'm happy to say I was not disappointed. The book keeps you on your toes and even make you question each side. It reveals small secret in-turn discovering bigger mysteries.

The characters were fun. Yet Ten, the main character never give us a reason for her choice or well lack of choice. She struggles to pick a realm claiming she cannot decide such an important decision so easily. While for two extremely hot male Laborers try to recruit her to their realm. I wouldn't say it's a love triangle but their relationship is rough like one. Ten grows fond of both of them and is divided in which of them she should trust. They pull they in opposite directions for the bigger part of the book.

The plot itself has plenty of secrete which are revealed slowly and at just the right times. It did a very good job of explaining the realms and their hatred towards one another. You heard of the turmoil it causes in your Firstlife. Loved that the characters were not spared. You may call me cruel, but I enjoy some unexpected and heartfelt deaths. I will say that it was rather easy to guess what was going to happen. I, personally cannot stand when I can predict everything that will happen in a novel. I like twist and mystery, even if it's only a little. The novel did though leave me is questions unanswered and enough curiosity that I'm already dying for the second book to be released.

The novel was a quick read and certainty enjoyable.



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Published by Jay Grey