Monday I thought that I'd take little Miss E over to the girls' dance studio and take welcome back cookies for Kathryn's sweet dance friends. These little dancers spend hours and hours now together. Kathryn would help to do hair, visit, dance in the empty studio with her friends before each day's class. This group of girls are kind, hardworking and down to earth. Kathryn wouldn't have been able to bond with them otherwise. So I knew that it would be good for all of us to visit right off the bat and get the emotions to the surface and in the air. We were all hugs and smiles, so brave. We visited for a while and caught up after a hard summer mourning our sweet Kathryn. Moms shared stories of their daughters' struggles with missing Kathryn and the death of a friend their age. It's been a very big challenge for 9 and 10 year olds to process. Can you imagine? Maybe you can! 



Published by Sherrill Moody