Salwar-suit is one Indian attire that can be worn for all types of occasions and almost on all types of physique. The best part about salwar suits is that they come in various shapes and sizes, and there is literally something for all body types. Though we are huge proponents of confidence and freedom to wear whatever one wants, no one can deny that there are some styles that suit a certain body type more than the others.

The best way to explore the various types of salwar suits is by browsing at online designer stores that provide the best of all kinds. When looking for designer dresses online, Carma Online is one such website, and here, you will be spoilt for choices. For example, this red embroidered kurta by Nikita Gupta is likely to look amazing on everyone—no matter what height or body type.



However, for those who are not very well-versed with salwar suits and Indian attire in general, we have put together a list of guidelines which will help them choose the right set for themselves.

1. Inverted-triangle (apple) body type

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This is for the women whose upper segment is heavier as compared to the lower part. To withdraw focus from the slightly heavier belly portion, the best idea is to shop for loosely fitted anarkali suits online. It will streamline the upper body in the best way possible. A-line or printed salwar suits can also save the day. A big no-no, however, is a body-hugging salwar suit.

2. Straight body type;width=1000

If the waist measurement is less than nine inches as compared to the hips and bust, it is said to be a straight body type. It is essential to draw attention away from the waist to the upper area and the hips. To achieve this, one can depend on a heavily embroidered kurta with neck detailing. This can be teamed with Patiala salwars or Maharani Patiala salwars. Loose and straight-fitted kurtas can be avoided.

3. Triangle body (pear) type;width=1000

This body shape is characterized by a greater body fat distribution, especially around the waist and the upper abdomen. Women possessing this body type should accessorize well, with necklaces and other trinkets, in order to shift the focus. A heavily embroidered neck detailing can be the best choice. One should avoid tight bottoms.

4. Hour-glass body type

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This body type is marked by almost similar bust and hip size, along with a narrow waist. The fat distribution is spread uniformly between the upper and the lower regions. It is a good idea to avoid baggy suits and the kaftan styles as they hide the beautiful curves.

5. Inverted triangle body type;width=1000

Opposite to the pear-shaped body type, this one is characterized by broad shoulders, heavy upper region and small hips. A slightly-defined waistline is a part of this body type. The best type of salwar suit for this type is the Angrakha salwar suit as it flaunts the curves, and that too, in the best possible way. Jacket style suits also help in withdrawing focus from the broad shoulders. However, it is best to avoid deep necks or high-collared salwar suits.

6. Circular body type;width=1000


Women with a circular body type can opt for Kaftan printed or other colourful salwar suits. Tight bottoms with deep shades add to the beautiful curves. Minimal ornaments is the best way to go. Straight salwar suits and tight fitted kurtas do not go well with this body type.

As we conclude this piece, we would like to add the most important guideline all of us must take care of when wearing anything: Do not be conscious and have confidence in yourself. When worn with self-love, anything and everything looks good. Always remember, there is no perfect body type—you’re special just the way you are.


Published by Sumity Paul