A failure to plan, is a plan to fail they say, and after this last week I am in the mind to agree. I rushed to start this journey with you, and in my haste did not plan according to my schedule, I had three late appointments last week and was not able to 1. cook dinner, and 2. meal prep for the following days, instead of trying to stay on a somewhat healthy plan I decided to "live it up" and eat whatever I felt like (sound familiar to anyone?).  And guess what?  I'm up another two pounds from last week and that much more frustrated with my life.  Now for some this might be the end to the goal and they might walk away.  For me, this has made me more determined this week! I spent yesterday meal prepping for the next few days, I have updated my weekly schedule (with no big plans, save for a movie on Thursday night) and I've picked a workout plan that will work with my schedule and lifestyle (mostly sedentary) at the moment.  Here's the run down:

Week 1 food: Fit girls Detox - still - I actually really like this meal plan, I can go back to it over and over again and still appreciate the food that I'm making (with the exception of the salmon dinner - I'm still slowly working fish into my diet and I'm having a really hard time of it - if anyone has any suggestions put it in the comments below).  Day 1 is about half way done and as usual I feel good, not particularly bloated and not starving (which is always good)

Week 1 Exercise: Beach Body on Demand -  let's face it, I have a gym membership that I'm not using at the moment, and really won't be motivated to do so until I drop a few pounds. I think if I can get through the next 30 days with the free beach body trial I'll see about rewarding myself with a trainer at the gym, and maybe even look into a group class or two to keep me motivated.  Right now I'm wavering between yoga in the morning, it always seems to center me and get me in the right frame of mind for the day, and I'm thinking about trying "Hip Hop Abs" to the mix in the afternoons (if anyone's tried it let me know)

Week 1 Mind/body connection: one thing you'll get to know about me, I was raised by Berkeley Hippies, and I am definitely a product of their beliefs (hence the yoga) This week I'm still practicing the Oprah/Depak meditation - let me know if your interested in hearing about it, it's quite interesting; and, I've taking to a daily devotion, usually this is all done in the morning before I start anything else on my day again to make me centered and get me in the right frame of mind for the day.

So hear's to the week one restart! If you're interesting in reading about meal prep check out my personal blog http://fallingwithstyle.co.

Published by Sarah Kirkland